Manifesting Our Dreams



Yesterday I was honored to be featured on Prana Yoga’s blog. It got me thinking about how there are so many people, teachers, friends, mentors, family in our lives who play a role in helping us manifest our dreams. No matter how passionate and driven we are, we NEED others to help us reach our greatest potentials. When we spend time with inspiring people who are passionate about what they do, this can ignite the flame within us and make us more driven, motivated and excited about our own cause. I recently had the opportunity to teach two workshops at the  Boost Conference in Palm Springs.  Talk about inspiring individuals who think outside of the box and are passionate about creating change and making the lives of children richer and more meaningful!  I came back from the conference newly rejuvenated, inspired and ready to conquer the world! When I think about all of the steps I have taken along the way to reach my goals, manifest my dreams, so many people come to mind as influences, supporters and inspirations along my path. I think of my experiences in my yoga trainings and the people I have met along the way.  So many of those people continue to inspire me and it’s exciting to see them on their path…moving towards their goals. I’ve been overwhelmed by the support and positive feedback from others.  Community can be such a powerful thing! A small gesture, a positive note, a high five, a stimulating conversation with someone about each others passions, lunch with a friend, time with family, a hug, a date with your spouse, an inspiring training with inspiring people, these are the things that help us MANIFEST OUR DREAMS and keep us feeling hopeful and excited about what life has in store. I am grateful for the many individuals in my life, near and far, whom I see often or only on occasion that have played a part in bringing me closer to my dreams.  Here’s to community, to learning and growing together, to supporting one another, to lifting each other up, to manifesting our dreams!

Much Love ~ Shawnee

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