Why and How to Incorporate Yoga as a Strategy for Improving Behavior


Honored to have the opportunity to be a guest blogger on the Boost Breakfast blog for BOOST Collaborative! This organization is incredibly dedicated to enriching the lives of children through after school programs and are committed to changing the world for the better. Humbled to have the opportunity to work and collaborate with them!

Yoga as a strategy for improving behavior has been a tool I have been using for several years and have seen an incredible impact it has had on the emotional health, well-being and behavior of the children I have worked with.

Take a peek at some suggestions for incorporating yoga as a strategy for improving behavior!

Yoga as a Strategy for Improving Behavior

Benefits of Yoga for Children with Special Needs


Did you know that there are several benefits yoga offers to children with Autism, ADD/ADHD, Fragile X, Prader willi, Down Syndrome, anxiety disorders, language processing deficits and sensory integration dysfunction and other related disabilities? By incorporating the practice of breathing strategies and yoga poses in fun and interactive ways such as using games, visuals and guided imagery, children can learn new vocabulary, self-regulation skills and strategies to calm their nervous systems and release difficult or uncomfortable emotions. The practice of yoga increases flexibility, strength, motor-skills, body awareness, balance, concentration and self-esteem.Take a look at what PBS Parents has to say about yoga for children with disabilities…
Yoga for kids with disabilities

Asanas for Autism and Special Needs website

Yoga for Children with ADHD


There are several studies coming out emphasizing the benefits of yoga for children with ADHD. Teaching children with ADHD mindful breathing as well as poses that calm the nervous system, support the child in self-regulation and increase focus and concentration is being discussed as a an alternative and complimentary therapy to medication. Check out what Yoga Journal has to say about it…
Focus on ADHD

Asanas for Autism and Special Needs website

Yoga for Children with ADHD