Can Yoga Reduce Anxiety for Children with Special Needs?



Many children with special needs experience heightened levels of anxiety.  Due to difficulty with communication, sensory sensitivities and a variety of other challenges, these children can be in a constant state of anxiousness.  The practice of mindful breathing, guided imagery and poses that calm the nervous system can support these children in developing coping skills, self-regulation skills and more effective responses to stress, both emotionally and physically.  Heightened levels of anxiety can significantly affect children’s sleep, mood, behavior and health. My book ASANAS FOR AUTISM AND SPECIAL NEEDS coming out in January 2015 provides suggestions for poses, breathing strategies and visualizations to support children with special needs in reducing anxiety and releasing difficult emotions such as fear, anger and worry. Calming their nervous systems and releasing tension in their minds and bodies supports better sleep, digestion, mood and overall health and well-being. Read more on the benefits of yoga for children with Autism here…
Yoga helps children with autism by increasing focus and decreasing anxiety

Asanas for Autism and Special Needs website

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